“Feature-based cellular texturing for architectural models” by Legakis, Gortler and Dorsey

  • ©Justin Legakis, Steven J. Gortler, and Julie Dorsey




    Feature-based cellular texturing for architectural models



    Cellular patterns are all around us, in masonry, tiling, shingles, and many other materials. Such patterns, especially in architectural settings, are influenced by geometric features of the underlying shape. Bricks turn corners, stones frame windows and doorways, and patterns on disconnected portions of a building align to achieve a particular aesthetic goal. We present a strategy for feature-based cellular texturing, where the resulting texture is derived from both patterns of cells and the geometry to which they are applied. As part of this strategy, we perform texturing operations on features in a well-defined order that simplifies the interdependence between cells of adjacent patterns. Occupancy maps are used to indicate which regions of a feature are already occupied by cells of its neighbors, and which regions remain to be textured. We also introduce the notion of a pattern generator — the cellular texturing analogy of a shader used in local illumination — and show how several can be used together to build complex textures. We present results obtained with an implementation of this strategy and discuss details of some example pattern generators.


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