“Facial cartography: interactive high-resolution scan correspondence” by Wilson, Alexander, Tunwattanapong, Peers, Ghosh, et al. …

  • ©Cyrus A. Wilson, Oleg Alexander, Borom Tunwattanapong, Pieter Peers, Abhijeet Ghosh, Jay Busch, Arno Hartholt, and Paul E. Debevec




    Facial cartography: interactive high-resolution scan correspondence



    Blendshape interpolation is one of the most successful techniques for creating emotive digital characters for entertainment and simulation purposes. The quest for ever more realistic digital characters has pushed for higher resolution blendshapes. Many existing correspondence techniques, however, have difficulty establishing correspondences between very detailed blendshapes. To further aggravate the problem, in certain cases (such as pronounced wrinkles) exact 1:1 correspondences are unlikely to be found, and consequently no objectively “correct” solution exists.

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