“Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in Project Management” by Davis

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    Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in Project Management



    During the SIGGRAPH 2018 BOF “Emphasizing Empathy in Pipeline Project Management,” group consensus stated that highly effective project management can only be achieved when emphasis is placed on demonstrated empathy for any and all project contributors at the project management level and when challenges are framed as opportunities to enhance both the team and the project manager’s own emotional intelligence. The reality faced in the industry, however, can present unique challenges, specifically relating to toxic cultural folkways, lack of leadership support, and lack of designated monetary resources. Based on subsequent discussions borne from the initial presentation with industry professionals and team leaders, it seems imperative to address not only the theories of Emotional Intelligence in greater depth, but also to acknowledge the potential obstacles in applying this basic theory in the real world. This talk aims to illuminate opportunities for individual production professionals to both challenge their own perceptions of the industry culture and make effective changes pertaining to their management and communication styles to affect positive change in their work environment, increase employee morale, and build community, barring financial allotment, to the overall benefit of their team members and their project health.


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    The author would like to thank Johannes DeYoung (Carnegie Mellon University), Martin Davies (Blue Sky Studios), Rebecca Huang (Yale NUS), Andrew Osborne (Yale University), Justin Navarro (Yale University) for their support and inspiration, and her family for absolutely everything.


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