“Education for Visualization” by Cabral, DeFanti, Rueff and Schaller

  • ©Brian Cabral, Thomas (Tom) A. DeFanti, Sylvie Rueff, and Nan C. Schaller




    Education for Visualization

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    Visualization in science and mathematics is an increasingly important application which requires techniques and skills beyond those normally taught in computer graphics courses. It is a method of enhancing the communication of information, particularly multi-dimensional information, using visual techniques. It entails image synthesis and image understanding, and encompasses techniques in computer graphics, art, design, and the particular data domain. This seminar discusses the techniques, skills and methods necessary for teaching them to students and professionals.

    Educators from a range of fields present their experi­ ences in educating undergraduates and research pro­ fessionals.

    Registration is open to anyone with an interest in visualization education.

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