“Dynamic simulation of wing motion on “Reign of Fire”” by Gonzalez-Ochoa, Eberle and Dressel

  • ©Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa, David (Dave) Eberle, and Rob Dressel



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    Dynamic simulation of wing motion on "Reign of Fire"

Session/Category Title:   Making of Reign of Fire



    The challenge of animating believable dragons was presented to Disney Feature Animation and The Secret Lab (TSL) for the film “Reign of Fire”. The film called for 100ft creatures with wing spans of 300ft that could undergo enormous speeds and accelerations. The artistic direction required each dragon to have wings that transition between a variety of physical behaviors and interact with the environment. To solve this challenge the Muscle and Skin system used in Disney’s Dinosaur [Eskuri 2000] was extended with a variety of controls to do physical simulation. In this sketch we discuss some of the issues encompassing the creation of this simulator and give an overview of the successful and unsuccessful paths taken during its development.


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