“Directing hair motion on Tangled” by Simmons, Ward, Yosumi, Leo and Zhao

  • ©Maryann Simmons, Kelly Ward, Hidetaka Yosumi, Hubert Leo, and Xinmin Zhao




    Directing hair motion on Tangled



    State-of-the-art simulation techniques can produce compelling and natural hair motion. In creating Disney’s feature film Tangled, physically plausible motion was important but just one foundational component. The story contains an unprecedented amount of interaction of the hair with the characters, as well as a high level of art-direction. Through 2D “drawovers” the artistic vision was conveyed in an often very detailed way – how the hair should move, and what poses and silhouettes it should hit. Simulation alone is not sufficient when such a high degree of direction and interaction is required. We describe a hybrid approach leveraging the power of custom hair dynamics with the artistic control of key-framed animation that was key to the success of directing hair motion on Tangled.

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