“Direct, spatial, and dexterous interaction with see-through 3D desktop” by Lee and Boulanger

  • ©Jinha Lee and Cati Boulanger




    Direct, spatial, and dexterous interaction with see-through 3D desktop



    Despite advances in 3D sensing and display technologies, our interactions with desktop interfaces have remained stagnant from the form that evolved under 2D I/O modalities. HoloBook enables users to manage windows with their hands in a 3D physical space. HoloBook is a term for the entire ensemble of necessary components for realizing this spatial operating environment: visualizations of the desktop rendered on a see-through display, technologies and physical design for emulating collocated 3D input and output space.


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    2. HoloDesk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHL5tJ9ja_w

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