“Destiny Character-Animation System and Lessons Learned” by Lee, Armstrong and Spataro

  • ©Yongjoon Lee, Tam Armstrong, and Joe Spataro



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    Destiny Character-Animation System and Lessons Learned

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    Basic understanding of character-animation concepts, such as playback, interpolation, and layering. Understanding of locomotion mechanisms, AI path finding, networking, or object-update loop helpful but not required.

    Intended Audience
    Researchers and engineers interested in game animation, especially for multi-player action games. The course delivers in-depth presentation of real-world problems to researchers and is designed to help other game engineers avoid mistakes achieve better systems in a shorter time.   

    This course discusses the practical challenges in creating the animation system for Destiny plus solutions, lessons learned, and future development. 
Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny is a multi-player persistent-world action game that requires responsive character animation as a foundation for core game play. The course summarizes how that goal was achieved in Bungie’s new game engine, emphasizing interaction with the networking model and distributed AI, under a tight CPU budget and memory constraints. Topics include:

    • Integrating dynamic-object-update time slicing, performance gained. and challenges encountered.
    • How research-project solutions for locomotion evolved to suit the constraints and needs of a practical game pipeline.
    • Examples of Destiny’s character-action features.
    • Content workflows and improvements in data specifications and verifications that delivered a more robust and efficient system.

    This in-depth presentation of real-world problems will help researchers and game engineers avoid mistakes and achieve better systems in less time.


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