“Designing Effective Pictures: Is Photographic Realism the Only Answer?” Moderated by Steven K. Feiner and Jock D. Mackinlay

  • ©James (Jim) F. Blinn, Donald P. Greenberg, and Margaret A. Hagen



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    Designing Effective Pictures: Is Photographic Realism the Only Answer?



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    With each passing year, advances in software and hardware have allowed us to generate increasingly more realistic images. Although the quest for photographic realism offers us a compelling touchstone by which to measure our progress, it emphasizes only one of many possible pictorial styles. This panel addresses important questions about the creation of effective computer graphic images, such as:
    • When is realism needed?
    • When is a stylized image more appropriate?
    • How can different modeling and rendering styles be combined in the same image?
    • How does the cost of attaining realism affect the mixture of realistic and stylized aspects?
    • What are the principles for designing effective images?
    • Can appropriate designs be selected automatically to fit the particular user and situation?

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