“Crowd sourcing memory colors for image enhancement” by Xue, McNamara, Rushmeier and Dorsey

  • ©Su Xue, Ann McNamara, Holly E. Rushmeier, and Julie Dorsey




    Crowd sourcing memory colors for image enhancement



    Memory colors refer to those colors recalled in association with familiar objects [Hering 1961]. The deficiency with existing research in this area is that a) screen memory colors have not been rigorously established and b) existing studies do not include extensive human judgements when evaluating image edits based on memory colors. We first perform a context-free perceptual experiment to establish the overall distributions of screen memory colors for three pervasive objects (skin, sky and grass). Then, we use a context-based experiment to locate the most representative memory colors. Finally, we show a simple, yet effective, application using representative memory colors to enhance digital images.


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    2. Hering, E. 1961. Principles of a new theory of the color sense. In R. C. Teevan & R. C. Birney (Eds.) Color vision: An enduring problem in psychology: Selected readings, 28–39.

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