“Color Imaging” by Reinhard, Ward and Johnson

  • ©Erik Reinhard, Gregory J. Ward, and Garrett M. Johnson



Entry Number: 09


    Color Imaging



    The study of color combines a unique mixture of physics and human visual perception, which in practice makes this seemingly straightforward topic challenging and often misunderstood. This course covers the basics of physical and perceptual processes, and demonstrates how color science can be appropriately applied to various applications in rendering, high-dynamic-range imaging, and image manipulation. It is specifically designed for students and professionals who need an understanding of color science as a sid-line to their own work, especially those who design algorithms in computer graphics, computer vision, and image processing. It provides a basic understanding of how color science supports design of effective algorithms, and often leads to lower storage requirements, enhanced computational complexity, and better visual quality.

    Level: Intermediate

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