“Cave Writing: Toward a Platform for Literary Immersive VR”

  • ©Sascha Becker, Shawn Greenlee, Dmitri Lemmerman, Morgan McGuire, Nicholas Musurca, and Noah Wardrip-Fruin




    Cave Writing: Toward a Platform for Literary Immersive VR



    “Cave Writing” is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary workshop course offered annually at Brown University. In this sketch we describe significant educational improvements enabled by improved technology in our VR platform. These include: (a) faster development and more support for iterative design; (b) greater involvement by students from different disciplinary backgrounds in full breadth of project development, increasing cross-disciplinary learning; and (c) diverse media rendered at high performance (e.g., high quality animated text, embedded video, and more devices) that facilitate creation of literary experiences specific to the bodily presence and physical space of the Cave.


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