“Cati dance: self-edited, self-synchronized music video” by Jehan, Lew and Vaucelle

  • ©Tristan Jehan, Michael Lew, and Catherine Vaucelle




    Cati dance: self-edited, self-synchronized music video



    This sketch presents a real-time system that aims to bridge a gap between machine listening technology, and self-editing, self-synchronizing video: a movie organizes itself from “listening” to music. In our current demonstration, a series of short video clips of “Cati” dancing, originally shot at different tempi, are arbitrarily sequenced, always in sync with the analyzed beat, i.e., if the music slows down, the dance slows down accordingly. When no beat is found, e.g., the music is mellow, then Cati stops dancing and waits, apparently bored.


    1. SCHEIRER, E., 1998, Tempo and Beat Analysis of Acoustic Music Signals, Journal of the Acoustic Society of America, 103(1).

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