“Capacity-constrained point distributions: a variant of Lloyd’s method” by Balzer, Schlömer and Deussen

  • ©Michael Balzer, Thomas Schlömer, and Oliver Deussen




    Capacity-constrained point distributions: a variant of Lloyd's method



    We present a new general-purpose method for optimizing existing point sets. The resulting distributions possess high-quality blue noise characteristics and adapt precisely to given density functions. Our method is similar to the commonly used Lloyd’s method while avoiding its drawbacks. We achieve our results by utilizing the concept of capacity, which for each point is determined by the area of its Voronoi region weighted with an underlying density function. We demand that each point has the same capacity. In combination with a dedicated optimization algorithm, this capacity constraint enforces that each point obtains equal importance in the distribution. Our method can be used as a drop-in replacement for Lloyd’s method, and combines enhancement of blue noise characteristics and density function adaptation in one operation.


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