“Can’t See The Jungle For The Trees”

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  • ©Tom Melson

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    Can’t See The Jungle For The Trees



    For Disney’s The Jungle Book we needed to build huge and highly detailed jungle sets. The scenery consisted of thousands of different models, placed millions of times. This requirement, together with the modelling intricacy of vegetation, meant there was a lot of data to handle both in terms of numbers of instances and overall polygon count. We needed a tool that could manage and display this amount of data in real time. With more than 100 distinct set builds, used in over a thousand shots, efficiency was all important.


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    Clair Bellens and Robert Tovell for their work on the DMHP pipeline. To Ivan Castane Capel, for the support with Fabric Splice and KL. And Dora Morolli for the technical feedback.


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