“Beeing – A nature inspired immersive VR journey designed to enhance public transportation” by Bucella, Helzle and Spielmann

  • ©Felix Bucella, Volker Helzle, and Simon Spielmann

  • ©Felix Bucella, Volker Helzle, and Simon Spielmann



Entry Number: 17


    Beeing - A nature inspired immersive VR journey designed to enhance public transportation



    Climate change, environmental protection and sustainability dominate media and political affairs. The demand for increased use of public transport instead of cars is obvious. Beeing – the nature inspired VR journey is intended to raise awareness of these topics and at the same time create an example for added value for public transportation. Additionally, a prototype for a new content platform is being elaborated, which will also enable future-oriented developments by providing a variety of entertaining content between the train stations. The prototype presented is designed for short distance trains in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart, Germany with an approximate duration of three minutes. The physical conditions of the train ride are reflected in VR. With this special form of customer experience, the user is to be picked-up in the real world, i.e. in the real train, in order to experience a fantastic ride that far exceeds the experience of a normal train ride.


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    Leszek Plichta was art directing the experience with artistic sup- port by Marina Firmhofer. Additional Engineering by Enzio Probst.  Immersive sound design & mix by Ana Monte and Daniel Deboy (DELTA Soundworks). Beeing was produced as part of the project Application Center V/AR [app 2021] at the Animationsinstitut of Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, funded by the Ministry of Eco- nomics, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg.


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