“Augmented Reality, Art, and Public Space” by Biermann

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  • ©BC Biermann

  • ©BC Biermann

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Entry Number: 09


    Augmented Reality, Art, and Public Space



    An overview of how AR art has evolved and, in particular, how Heavy Projects’ work has transitioned from guerrilla-style AR street art interventions to large scale, interactive, public space murals working with such clients as the University of Geneva, Qualcomm, SXSW, Google I/O, and San Francisco Design Week. This talk provides workflow examples of “Digital Neuron” AR mural [Geneva, 2016], “Parabola” AR mural [San Francisco, 2017], and “Evolution of an Idea,” the largest AR mural in the world [185’x25′, San Diego, 2015]. In illuminating these projects, this talk outlines best practices for other digital artists to create outdoor AR artworks. In short, this talk will provide general insight into the progression of AR art, discuss prominent digital artists currently working in this space, and deliver a practical workflow of how to create works in the new medium of interactive AR art.


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