“Augmented Reality: The Interface is Everywhere” by Schmalstieg, Billinghurst, Azuma, Höllerer, Kato, et al. …

  • ©Dieter Schmalstieg, Mark Nathan Billinghurst, Ronald Azuma, Tobias Höllerer, Hirokazu Kato, and Ivan Poupyrev



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    Augmented Reality: The Interface is Everywhere

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    Basic familiarity with 3D computer graphics, familiarity with virtual reality concepts and technology, and the mathematical principles commonly used in developing graphics applications. Programming experience with the OpenGL API.

    Augmented-reality interface technology. Head tracking for AR. Interaction techniques for AR. Collaborative AR applications. Heterogeneous AR user interfaces. Mobile indoor and outdoor AR. Developing AR applications using ARToolkit.

    As computers become more and more invisible, and Augmented-reality (AR) allows developers to overlay virtual images on the real world, the user interface can literally be placed everywhere. This course gives attendees the background, skills, and software necessary to start developing AR applications. It summarizes important research areas such as tracking and registration, interaction techniques, wearable AR systems, and hybrid AR interfaces. And it introduces attendees to ARToolKit, a software library they can use to build their own applications.


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