“Augmented Reality Theater Experience” by Colombero, Hunsucker, Mo and Rouse

  • ©Corrie Colombero, Andy Hunsucker, Pui Mo, and Monét Rouse



Entry Number: 15


    Augmented Reality Theater Experience



    Film is an essential form of entertainment. Birthed by the conception of the Magic Lantern in the seventeenth century [Parkinson 2012], film has evolved from black and white silent shorts to color motion pictures, digital projection, and most recently 3D and IMAX presentations. The film industry increasingly treats immersion as an imperative factor to attract patrons. However, our research shows that the current moviegoing experience provides potential for immersion only within the auditorium itself, and there is a lack of engagement and immersion before and after the film in current movie theaters.
    In this project, we propose an experience design to improve the immersive experience in movie theaters 5-10 years in the future. Combining augmented reality technology and virtual environments, patrons will transition through different phases in the movie going experience including a slow change hallway, an experience room, and a reflection lounge.


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