“Artworks Using Metaball Representation With Stepwise Approach”

  • ©Joe Takayama and Etsuo Genda

  • ©Joe Takayama and Etsuo Genda

  • ©Joe Takayama and Etsuo Genda




    Artworks Using Metaball Representation With Stepwise Approach



    This sketch describes an artistic representation using metaball peculiar to 2D space. Conventionally, a metaball is used for representing organic curved forms such as the human body. A metaball can be defined as an isosurface of density fields set in a space, and this definition is valid for both 2D and 3D spaces. The primary aim of a regular metaball was to generate a smooth isosurface (contour), which is derived from the density distribution. However, when a metaball is used in a 2D plane, it can represent more complex shapes than it originally aimed at and differs from the one represented by a regular metaball. In this sketch, we would like to describe such metaball techniques and their application in artworks.


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