“Applied Virtual Reality” by Cruz-Neira, Darken, Dittmar, Gillilan, Riedel, et al. …

  • ©Carolina Cruz-Neira, Rudolph (Rudy) Darken, Mary Lynn Dittmar, Richard E. Gillilan, Oliver Riedel, Judy Vance, and Frank Wood



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    Applied Virtual Reality

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    This course addresses the field of virtual reality from the end-user’s perspective. The course is focused on “what we can do” with VR technology, not “how to develop” the technology The course provides attendees with criteria to identify whether or not VR technology could be a tool in their working environment. The course will cover several working VR applications in academia and industry along with discussions of their design processes. The course objective is to provide an understanding of the unique features of virtual reality and how these features can be identified and used in developing useful applications. This tutorial will answer the question -why do we need VR? What does VR have to offer that I can’t already develop using existing three-dimensional interactive computer graphics techniques? This course examines the features of VR technology and relates these features to specific applications. The course concentrates on the applicability of VR technology not on the development of hardware/software to control the various devices required in a virtual environment.


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