“AIKON: the Artistic/automatic IKONograph” by Tresset and Fol Leymarie

  • ©Patrick Tresset and Frederic Fol Leymarie

  • ©Patrick Tresset and Frederic Fol Leymarie




    AIKON: the Artistic/automatic IKONograph



    We consider the problem of generating face sketches with a com- puter system, based on the understanding of a drawing style. Our  research goal is for the system to mimic the interplay between the ensemble of processes — perceptual, cognitive, motor — active  when a draughtsman is sketching. One hypothesis we are explor- ing is that the aesthetics of a sketch is dependent on each individ- ual step involved in the collection of processes leading to the cre- ation of a stylised portrait, as well as in the interactions between  such processes. A second hypothesis we formulate is that during a sketch session each limitation, approximation, shortcut performed by the draughtsman due to his/her physical, perceptual, or cognitive impairments or qualities are what constitute the final mood, style, aesthetic of the sketch. Interestingly, the simulation of a stylised  portrait sketching session via a computational model remains ap- proximate, and as such the computerised system might be thought  to draw in its own limited style. The modelled drawing process is the most spontaneous technique Tresset uses, not the most precise, which gives the most dramatic effects. The aesthetic effect of the drawing, its mood, is due in large part to its apparent imprecision.  


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