“Advances in Monte Carlo Rendering: The Legacy of Jaroslav Krivanek” Chaired by Alexander Keller

  • ©Pascal Gautron, Jiří Vorba, Iliyan Georgiev, Martin Šik, Eugene d’Eon, Pascal Grittmann, Petr Vévoda, and Ivo Kondapaneni



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    Advances in Monte Carlo Rendering: The Legacy of Jaroslav Krivanek

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    Jaroslav Křivánek’s research aimed at finding the one robust and efficient light transport simulation algorithm that would handle any given scene with any complexity of transport. He had a clear and unique vision of how to reach this ambitious goal. On his way, he created an impressive track of significant research contributions. In this course, his collaborators will tell the story of Jaroslav’s quest for that “one” algorithm and discuss his impact and legacy.

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