“Advanced RenderMan 2: To RI_INFINITY and Beyond” by Gritz, Apodaca, Prater, Bredow and Lancaster

  • ©Larry Gritz, Anthony (Tony) Apodaca, Mitch Prater, Rob Bredow, and Tal Lancaster



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    Advanced RenderMan 2: To RI_INFINITY and Beyond

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    Thorough knowledge of 3D image synthesis, computer graphics illumination models, previous experience with the RenderMan shading language, and facility in C. This course was designed for graphics programmers and technical directors, not for those who avoid examining code. 

    Modern methods of generating geometric data and handling geometric complexity, advanced shading language techniques, volumetric rendering, realistic lighting and reflection, skin, hair and fur, and integration with other CGI tools.

    Many large and small animation production studios use RenderMan to create high-quality, often photorealistic, imagery for television and motion pictures. It is a powerful, flexible, extensible system that allows users to customize the software for situations that were not envisioned by RenderMan’s original implementors. This course went beyond the basics presented in The RenderMan Companion and taught advanced techniques that are being used (or should be used) in turn-of-the-millennium special-effects production. 


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