“Advanced RenderMan 3” by Gritz, Apodaca, Bjorke, Pharr, Hery, et al. …

  • ©Larry Gritz, Anthony (Tony) Apodaca, Kevin Bjorke, Matt Pharr, Christophe Hery, and Laurence Treweek



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    Advanced RenderMan 3

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    Thorough knowledge of 3D image synthesis and computer graphics illumination models. C programming. Strongly recommended: previous experience with the RenderMan Shading Language.

    Modern methods of generating geometric data and handling geometric complexity, advanced shading language techniques, and use of advanced local and global illumination concepts for photorealistic imagery.

    The RenderMan standard and its several implementations have been used by many large and small animation production studios to create high-quality, often photo-realistic, imagery for television and motion pictures. Much of the power of the system is due to its flexibility and extensibility, which enable users to customize the system for situations that were not envisioned by the original implementers. This course goes beyond the basics presented in The RenderMan Companion and teaches advanced techniques that are being used (or should be) in turn-of-the-millennium special-effects productions.


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