“Advanced (Quasi) Monte Carlo Methods for Image Synthesis” by Grünschloß, Premoze and Raab

  • ©Leonhard Grünschloß, Simon Premoze, and Matthias Raab



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    Advanced (Quasi) Monte Carlo Methods for Image Synthesis

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    Basic understanding of raytracing and light transport. Understanding of probability and linear algebra. 

    Who Should Attend
    Renderer engineers, shader writers, and students with an interest in physically-based rendering, efficient simulation technology, and practical advice. 

    Monte Carlo ray tracing has become ubiquitous in most commercial renderers and in custom shaders used for visual effects and feature animation. However, many advanced Monte Carlo algorithms are not widely used and are often misunderstood. Course attendees will learn about the practical aspects of variance reduction methods with a focus on all variants of importance sampling. The course also covers quasi-Monte Carlo methods at industry level, as well as the practical aspects of bidirectional path tracing combined with multiple importance sampling and Metropolis Light Transport. The audience will benefit from the intuition provided by the practical advice throughout the course.    

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