“A developmental system for microcomputer based intelligent graphics terminals” by Kellner and Maas

  • ©Richard G. Kellner and Lynn D. Maas




    A developmental system for microcomputer based intelligent graphics terminals



    A low cost intelligent graphics terminal for developmental work consisting of a Tektronix storage tube terminal and an ALTAIR 8800 microcomputer is described. The microcomputer system is used to develop and debug customized intelligent terminal configurations and features before a production model is finalized and fabricated. This allows flexibility in terminal design and allows changes to be tried easily before final versions are built. The customized terminal features that are described are the abilities to process a segmented display file, to provide refresh of up to 130 characters or vectors, to control accessory devices such as a flexible disk and a graphics tablet, to provide data compression of over 60% on large pictures, and to provide a local debugging utility.


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