“A device independent graphics imaging model for use with raster devices” by Warnock and Wyatt

  • ©John E. Warnock and Douglas K. Wyatt




    A device independent graphics imaging model for use with raster devices



    In building graphic systems for use with raster devices, it is difficult to develop an intuitive, device independent model of the imaging process, and to preserve that model over a variety of device implementations. This paper describes an imaging model and an associated implementation strategy that: 1. Integrates scanned images, text, and synthetically generated graphics into a uniform device independent metaphor; 2. Isolates the device dependent portions of the implementation to a small set of primitives, thereby minimizing the implementation cost for additional devices; 3. Has been implemented for binary, grey-scale, and full color raster display systems, and for high resolution black and white printers and color raster printers.


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