2006 Poster: White Slow In and Slow Out Cartoon Animation Filter

“Slow in and slow out cartoon animation filter” by White, Loken and Panne

2006 Poster: TATENO Motion Stylization using a Timing Control Method

“Motion stylization using a timing control method” by Tateno, Xin and Konma

2006 Poster: Rinaldi Modelling Behavior in a School of Fish by Fast Synthetic Distributed Vision

“Modelling behavior in a school of fish by fast synthetic distributed vision” by Rinaldi, Malizia and Parent

2006 Poster: Oda Interactive Skeleton Extraction for 3D Animation using Geodesic Distances

“Interactive skeleton extraction for 3D animation using geodesic distances”

2006 Poster: Wiratanaya An Application of Facial Animation Techniques to Expression Normalization for Robust Face Recognition

“An application of facial animation techniques to expression normalization for robust face recognition” by Wiratanaya, Hahnel and Kraiss

2006 Poster: Loviscach Visualization of Bone Weights

“Visualization of bone weights” by Loviscach

2006 Poster: Tigan Vector Coupled Kinematics in Character Rigs for Increased Usability

“Vector coupled kinematics in character rigs for increased usability” by Tigan

2006 Poster: Soga Web3D Dance Composer: Automatic Composition of Ballet Sequences

“Web3D dance composer: automatic composition of ballet sequences” by Soga, Umino, Yasuda and Yokoi

2006 Poster: Kazama Hair Motion Re Modeling from Cartoon Animation Sequence

“Hair motion re-modeling from cartoon animation sequence”

2006 Poster: Huang Progressive Deforming Meshes based on Deformation Oriented Decimation

“Progressive deforming meshes based on deformation oriented decimation” by Huang, Chen and Chuang

2006 Poster: Kawasaki Volumetric 3D Display with Scanned 1D LED Arrays and its Application to Animation Contents

“Volumetric 3D display with scanned 1D LED arrays and its application to animation contents” by Kawasaki, Watanabe, Yamaguchi and Sakamoto

2006 Poster: Kawamoto Key frame Removal Method for Blendshape based Cartoon Lip sync Animation

“Key-frame removal method for blendshape-based cartoon lip-sync animation” by Kawamoto, Yotsukura and Nakamura

2006 Poster: Yotsukura Lip sync Animation from HMM Using Dynamic Features

“Lip-sync animation from HMM using dynamic features” by Yotsukura, Kawamoto and Nakamura

Lugmayr Pre Production of Nijinski First Digital Workflow Blue Screen and File Based HD Film Production in Finland

“Pre-production of “Nijinski”: first digital-workflow, blue-screen and file-based HD film production in Finland” by Lugmayr

2006 Poster: Kostandov Interactive Layered Character Animation in Immersive Virtual Environments

“Interactive layered character animation in immersive virtual environments” by Kostandov, Jianu, Zhou and Moscovich

2006 Poster: KONDO Animating Agents for Presenting Tables and Graphs

“Animating agents for presenting tables and graphs” by Kondo, Yamamoto and Noma

Punak Localized Volume Preservation for Simulation and Animation

“Localized volume preservation for simulation and animation” by Punak and Peters

2006 Poster: Sin Content based Sketch Annotations for Collaboration

“Content based sketch annotations for collaboration” by Sin, Choy and Lim

2006 Poster: Farber Raster to Thread Pixel to Stitch

“Raster to thread – pixel to stitch” by Farber

2006 Poster: Sarafopoulos Evolving Visual Representations

“Evolving visual representations” by Sarafopoulos and Buxton

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