2005 Poster: Vaucelle Re thinking real time video making for the museum exhibition space

“Re-thinking real time video making for the museum exhibition space” by Vaucelle, Gorman, Clancy and Tangney

2005 Poster: Yamamoto The HYPERREAL Design System

“The HYPERREAL design system” by Yamamoto, Hisada, Kanaya and Sato

2005 SIGGRAPH Image Not Available

“Operation rhinoctopus: a real-time interactive video manipulation device” by Taylor

2005 Poster: Fujiki Hyper Paint : A possible software toy

“Hyper-paint: a possible software-toy” by Fujiki and Tomimatsu

2005 Poster: Hawkin Keyframing Using Linear Interpolation of Matrices

“Keyframing using linear interpolation of matrices” by Hawkins and Grimm

2005 SIGGRAPH Image Not Available

“A multimodal artistic interface” by Quinn and Fernstrom

2005 Poster: Kawamoto Automatic Head Movement Control for Emotional Speech

“Automatic head-movement control for emotional speech” by Kawamoto, Yotsukura, Morishima and Nakamura

2005 Poster: Yotsukura Speech to Talking Heads System Based on Hidden Markov Models

“Speech to talking heads system based on hidden Markov models” by Yotsukura, Morishima and Nakamura

2005 Poster: Berger Automatic Camera Navigation for Time variant Objects

“Automatic camera navigation for time-variant objects” by Berger and Yin

2005 SIGGRAPH Image Not Available

“Using NPAR to reveal “The Swan”” by Rowland

2005 Poster: Nakasu NIGAO : Interactive Facial Caricature Drawing System Using Genetic Algorithm

“NIGAO: interactive facial caricature drawing system using genetic algorithm” by Nakasu, Chandrasiri, Naemura and Harashima

2005 Poster: TERAI Color Decomposition for Reproducing Multi color Woodblock Prints

“Color decomposition for reproducing multi-color woodblock prints” by Terai, Mizuno and Okada

2005 Poster: TASAKI Virtual Mezzotint using a Model driven Strategy

“Virtual mezzotint using a model-driven strategy” by Tasaki, Mizuno and Okada

2005 Poster: Adabala Semantics Guided Procedural Rendering for Woodcut Maps

“Semantics-guided procedural rendering for woodcut maps” by Adabala and Toyama

2005 Poster: Apte Enviromosaics

“Enviromosaics” by Apte, Loper and McNally

2005 Poster: Bosch Real Time Non Photorealistic Paint Spreading using Stencil Volumes

“Real-time non photorealistic paint spreading using stencil volumes” by Bosch

2005 Poster: Haller More Sketchy, More AR, More Fun!

“More sketchy, more AR, more fun!” by Haller, Landerl and Billinghurst

2005 Poster: Banterle A Fast Translucency Appearance Model

“A fast translucency appearance model” by Banterle

2005 Poster: Kamimura Real time texton substitution for super resolution

“Real-time texton substitution for super resolution” by Kamimura, Nakaguchi, Tsumura, Motomura, Kanamori, et al. …

2005 Poster: Mochizuki Stealing Autumn Colors

“Stealing autumn colors” by Mochizuki, Horie and Cai

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