2006 Poster: Lee Haptic Deformation using Graphics Hardware and kd trees

“Haptic deformation using graphics hardware and kd-trees” by Lee, Kim, Park, Lee and Ryu

2006 Poster: Hashimoto Reactive Virtual Human for Human Scale Haptic Interaction

“Reactive virtual human for human scale haptic interaction” by Hashimoto, Jeong and Sato

2006 Poster: Nakatani Recreating Tactile Stimulus for Graphic Image: Basic Study

“Recreating tactile stimulus for graphic image: basic study” by Nakatani, Kajimoto, Kawakami and Tachi

2006 Poster: Danjou Facial Reconstruction of Egyptian Mummy “Senu”

“Facial reconstruction of Egyptian mummy “Senu”” by Danjou, Masunaga, Tateishi, Koiso, Uchiyama, et al. …

2006 Poster: Ropinski Simultaneously Viewing Monoscopic and Stereoscopic Content on Vertical Interlaced Autostereoscopic Displays

“Simultaneously viewing monoscopic and stereoscopic content on vertical-interlaced autostereoscopic displays” by Ropinski, Steinicke and Bruder

2006 Poster: Kamimura Substituting crossed textons for super resolution of video

“Substituting crossed textons for super resolution of video” by Kamimura, Tsumura, Motomura and Kanamori

2006 Poster: Potapovich Morphological Segmentation and Delaunay Triangulation for Mesh from Stereo1

“Morphological segmentation and delaunay triangulation for mesh from stereo” by Potapovich, Cheng and Basu

2006 Poster: Liu Favicon Seeded Web Surfing

“Favicon seeded web surfing” by Liu and Owen

2006 Poster: Hashimoto Luminance Correction with Raw Digital Images

“Luminance correction with raw digital images” by Hashimoto, Sato, Takahashi, Kasuga and Sato

2006 Poster: Kelly Interactive Generation of Cities for Real Time Applications

“Photometric HDR video for visual adaptation models” by Hirai, Nakaguchi, Tsumura and Miyake

2006 Poster: Yamamoto Color Correction for Multi camera System by using Correspondences

“Color correction for multi-camera system by using correspondences” by Yamamoto, Yendo, Fujii, Tanimoto and Suter

2006 Poster: Kubo Facial Animation by the Manipulation of a Few Control Points Subject to Muscle Constraints

“Facial animation by the manipulation of a few control points subject to muscle constraints” by Kubo, Yanagisawa, Maejima, Terzopoulos and Morishima

2006 Poster: Soh Display Mirror User Interface

“Display mirror user interface” by Soh, Hahm, Choi, Chio, Oh, et al. …

2006 Poster: Kato Multithread Shader for 3D and Vector Graphics

“Multithread shader for 3D and vector graphics” by Kato, Hamada and Inoue

2006 Poster: Marchese A Projected Hemispherical Display with a Gestural Interface

“A projected hemispherical display with a gestural interface” by Marchese and Rose

2006 Poster: Kodama Virtual Bokeh Generation from a Single System of Lenses

“Virtual bokeh generation from a single system of lenses” by Kodama, Mo and Kubota

2006 Poster: Leventhal Poisson Image Editing Extended

“Poisson image editing extended” by Leventhal, Gordon and Sibley

2006 Poster: Guo An Algorithm for Extracting Text Strings from Comic Strips

“An algorithm for extracting text strings from comic strips” by Guo, Kato, Sato and Hoshino

2006 Poster: Seversky Real time Spatial Relationship Based 3D Scene Composition of Unknown Objects

“Real-time spatial relationship based 3D scene composition of unknown objects” by Seversky and Yin

2006 Poster: Bosch Restricted Coloring using Saliency based Image Segmentation

“Restricted coloring using saliency-based image segmentation” by Bosch and Lee

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