“The Kestrel Drone: Reimagining Bird’s Eye View With Biomimetic AI-drone for Bird Strike Prevention” by Oh

SIGGRAPH 2021 Image Not Available

“Retention, Authenticity, and an Inclusive Work Environment” by Blasko

2021 Diversity: Miriam_Equality Diversity AND Inclusion in British Preschool Animation

“Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in British Pre-School Animation” by Miriam

2021 Diversity: Kim_Anti Racist Graphics Research

“Anti-Racist Graphics Research” by Kim

2021 Diversity: McCallum_Pride Advocacy in VFX

“Pride Advocacy in VFX” by McCallum and Dommer

2021 Diversity: Martinez_From STEAM to Dream

“From STEAM to Dream: College to Career Connections with Latinx Technical Directors” by Martinez, Cabral, Baker and Kolodin

2021 Diversity: Grippi_Riding the Virtual New Wave

“Riding the Virtual New Wave: How to Utilize Virtual Production for Inclusive Cinematic Storytelling” by Grippi and Talavera

2021 Diversity: Franco_Inspiring Digital Transformation

“Inspiring Digital Transformation Based on Empowering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Transdisciplinary Lifelong Learning Attitudes Through Coding and Visualizing Web3D Virtual Reality Spaces Since K-12 Education Levels” by Franco

2021 Diversity: Chen_Mitigating Dataset Biases

“Mitigating Dataset Biases for Inclusive, Deployable, and Accessible Artificial Intelligence Technologies” by Chen

2021 Diversity: Strittmatter_Mentoring Women

“Mentoring Women” by Strittmatter, Clifton, Cox and Nandigjav

2021 Diversity: Noe_WaoKi i

“Wao Kiʻi, A Mixed Reality Exhibition Space for Pacific Island Cultural Heritage Visualization” by Noe

2021 Diversity: Katatikarn_Small Steps TO Lasting Impact

“Small Steps to Lasting Impact: How You Can Bring Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Into the VFX and Animation Industries” by Katatikarn, McBride, Dosu and O’Hare

2021 Diversity: Porter_Mitigating Bias INProduction

“Mitigating Bias in Production Using Modern Tech” by Porter

2021 Diversity: Coleman_Mental Health AND Wellbeing Panel Discussion

“Mental Health and Wellbeing panel discussion” by Coleman, Andrews, Ozel and Amin

2021 Diversity: Kogura_Lets Talks About Autism

“Let’s Talk About Autism” by Kogura, Dolcich, Everett and Brady

2021 Diversity: Reiser_STEAMStudio

“STEAM Studio: Inclusive by Design” by Reiser and Sanders

2021 Diversity: Rose_Community Approach TO Diversity Equity

“Community Approach to Diversity, Equity” by Rose and Payne

2021 Diversity: Coleman_Coaching FOR Inclusion

“Coaching for Inclusion: How a Coaching Culture Creates an Inclusive Environment Where Everyone Can Thrive” by Coleman

2021 Diversity: Parrish_Utilizing Interactive Web Experiences

“Utilizing Interactive Web Experiences to Understand Hearing Loss” by Parrish

2021 Diversity: Bozic_Chocolate Milk VR and Autism

“Chocolate Milk – VR and Autism” by Bozic and Weiner

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