“Let’s Talk About Autism” by Kogura, Dolcich, Everett and Brady

  • ©Julie Kogura, Veronica Dolcich, Max Everett, and Patrick Brady




    Let's Talk About Autism




    We will discuss Autism from the side of people with Autism, as well as how those seeking to better understand them can do so: speakers include filmmaker, Erica Milsom from Pixar who has made the short which won best of show at 2020’s ACM SIGGRAPH Conference, which features an Autistic character, a recent grad from the Exceptional Minds School, a school where kids with Autism can go to learn VFX. And Julie Kogura from Lucasfilm, who’s on the Spectrum.

    We’re seeking to present a more rounded discussion that includes many different voices as we discuss issues surrounding Autism in the VFX/Animation industries.

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