“Retention, Authenticity, and an Inclusive Work Environment” by Blasko

  • ©Chelsea Blasko




    Retention, Authenticity, and an Inclusive Work Environment



    ““Bringing your whole-self” to work has become a buzz-phrase, but what does it really mean and how can your studio support you in being your best authentic aspect of yourself? When people can be vulnerable and show flaws, they are able to build stronger relationships. From these bonds, dialogue and compassion naturally flow. I will talk about how compassionate management and authenticity collide to create an inclusive workplace that supports staff and produces quality work. I will discuss about how to integrate inclusivity into all aspects of your studio: from HR Policy to recruiting, to management training, to creative decisions. If you want a truly inclusive environment, everyone in the organization plays a part in fostering the feeling of being seen and heard. Foster an environment where people aren’t afraid to make mistakes and don’t have to worry about feeling like an imposter.

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