SIGGRAPH Asia 2013: Art Papers & Presentations

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    Computer-based media has provided many opportunities for artists to define a new creative paradigm. Looking forward to the future and reflecting on what has occurred in the past, we observe the digital divide both linking the unconnected and slicing a deep line between the visions of the technically-enabled and the average person.

    This divide is a unique playground providing the artist an opportunity to mock natural phenomena and extend the imagination into reality. The SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Art Gallery unites aspects of these things to enrich artistic expressions providing novel ways of conveying a sophisticated philosophy of existence, growth, and evolution.

    The SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 Art Gallery invited artists from around the world to showcase their innovative and leading-edge digital contributions on the aesthetics and meaning of nature through a myriad of mediums and techniques.

    Art papers are academic papers that highlight theoretical issues concerning contemporary art in our global society.

Art Papers:
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