“Topics on Bible Visualization: Content, Structure, Citation” by Kim and Park

  • ©Hyoyoung Kim and Jin Wan Park




    Topics on Bible Visualization: Content, Structure, Citation



    Text visualization begins with understanding text itself which is material of visual expression. To visualize any text first and the expressive approaches theoretical foundation about the about the approaches for text visualization by diverse examples of test visualization which are derived through the various characteristics of the text. To do this, we chose the “Bible” test which is well known globally and digital data of it can be accessed easily and thus diverse test visualizations examples exist and analyzed the example of the bible text visualization. We derived the unique characteristics of the text-content, structure, and quotation as criteria for analyzing and supported validity of analysis by adopting at least 2-3 examples for each criterion. In the result, we can comprehend that the goals and expressive approaches are decided depending on the unique characteristics of the Bible text. We expect to build theoretical method for choosing the materials and approaches by analyzing more diverse examples with various point of views on the basis of this research.


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