“WatchYour Language: Typography in Motion” by Kim

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  • ©Scott Kim


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    WatchYour Language: Typography in Motion

Program Title:

    Digital Bayou


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    Scott Kim & Associates


    Scott Kim has provided his unique typographic animations, to be projected on the large screens above the Digital Bayou.

    The written word sits on the edge between language and image. Illuminated manuscripts, record titles, and flying logos communicate their intent as much through visual style as through the literal meanings of the words. Groups like the Visible Language Workshop at MIT’s Media Lab are exploring the visual possibilities of animated interactive typography.

    “Flying Typography” is a series of animated interactive studies based on words and names from the world of computer graphics. Each word or name presents a surprising and appropriate formal relationship among the letter shapes that expresses the meaning of the word or the accomplishments of the person. For instance, the letters in “Whitney” mingle with each other in patterns similar to those in the films of John Whitney, Sr., while “analog” is written in continuous strokes so that when some of the pieces are removed the remaining discrete segments spell “digital.”

    “Input/Output” was created for a SIGGRAPH 85 exhibit of computer-produced art curated by Lucia Grossberger Morales. “Computer Graphics” was commissioned for a video-disk anthology of computer animation. “Turner Whitted” pays homage to the creator of ray tracing, a technique that makes reflections easy to render.

    The SIGGRAPH 96 version of this work is limited to noninteractive animation. In the full version of the work, available on my web site, the viewer can control one or two parameters of each animation.


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