“STORZart” by Storz

  • ©Steve Storz



Entry Number: 41



Program Title:

    Digital Bayou



    Asolo sculpture exhibition contributes to the themeing of the Digital Bayou. It can be found along the main channels and in the backwaters.

    Steve Storz is a professional artist based in California. Combining his training in electronics, theater, blacksmithing, and welding, he utilizes steel and technology cast-offs to construct what he calls STORZ Towers. These towers seem simultaneously ancient yet futuristic. Pieces of the past and present are fused to form structures of some unknown future. They are lit from within by LEDs, diffused behind circuit boards or slumped/fused glass, and give off a warm red, amber, or orange glow. Although they are made from a hard, cold medium, they appear delicately intricate and mysteriously filled with life. Enclosures made of cones and asymmetrical flats are inspired by the architecture of industry and nature.


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