“Storytelling in VR: Light Chaser’s VR Short Film Sent” by Yuan, Mi, Tianyi and Zhong

  • ©Ye Yuan, Li Mi, Liu Tianyi, and Shen Zhong



    Storytelling in VR: Light Chaser's VR Short Film Sent



    Light Chaser Animation is an animation studio based in Beijing, and our goal is to create world-class CG animation content. Sent is our second work in virtual reality and our first VR story short film.

    Lately, some key figures in the CG field have questioned the viability of narrative storytelling in the VR medium. Sent is our first attempt in answering the question.

    This 5-minute, 40-second short tells the story of an emoji “Goodbye.” The narrative begins inside the phone of a boy who is having a quarrel with his girlfriend. Behind the chat screen, all kinds of emoji characters are gathered and vie to be chosen and applied to the conversation. When the boy selects “Goodbye,” the emoji embarks upon a magical journey that would turn things in surprising ways for all.

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