“Two–Dimensional Communication” by Nakatsuma, Makino, Shinoda and Itai

  • ©Kei Nakatsuma, Yasutoshi Makino, Hiroyuki Shinoda, and Hiroto Itai


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    Two–Dimensional Communication



    Two–Dimensional Communication is an alternative technology for conventional wired or wireless networks especially for ubiquitous computing and sensor networks. This novel communication technology provides both 54 Mbps communication and a 10 W power supply via a thin, soft and flexible sheet without wiring.

    For high-density sensor networks, it is quite difficult to connect all the nodes with wires, and the networks can become highly complex. Wireless connection has been the only simple way to distribute sensor nodes to a large area. Supplying power to each node, however, is a critical problem.

    We have proposed an innovative communication device, the Two– Dimensional Communication sheet (2DC sheet). The nodes touching to the 2DC sheet can communicate with each other with 54 Mbps of bandwidth and can acquire 10 W of electricity. The 2DC sheet requires no direct electrical contact between the nodes and the sheet. Therefore nodes can be moved freely on the sheet. Wireless and batteryless ubiquitous infrastructure is possible through these features of the Two–Dimensional Communication sheet.

    The idea of communication via a two dimensional medium was also proposed by several other groups ([Lifton et al. 2002] [Laerhoven et al. 2003] [Scott et al. 2002]). These projects, however, did not achieve both high speed communication and power supply simultaneously with a simple sheet.

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    This research was partially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Grant–in–Aid for JSPS Fellows, 18– 11193, 2006–2008.

    The textile 2DC sheet was provided by Teijin corporation.


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