“UlteriorScape” by Kakehi and Naemura

  • ©Yasuaki Kakehi and Takeshi Naemura

  • ©Yasuaki Kakehi and Takeshi Naemura


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    When we use a table, we often put various objects on the tabletop. Likewise, for intuitive interactions on a tabletop display, the placed objects on the tabletop should be enhanced more as well as the tabletop surface [Raskar et al. 2001]. To achieve this goal, we propose a novel tabletop display system ‘UlteriorScape’. UlteriorScape takes two major functions from our previous systems. One is an interaction with small-sized screen objects. Like Tablescape Plus [Kakehi et al. 2006], we can utilize tabletop objects as projection screens and input interfaces. As for the other function, this system also works as a view-dependent image projection. Though the Tablescape Plus was designed for a particular direction, the tabletop screen on UlteriorScape is physically single, but visually multiple like Lumisight Table [Kakehi et al. 2004] and it can show appropriate images to each user surrounding the table.

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    KAKEHI, Y., IIDA, M., NAEMURA, T., SHIRAI, Y., MATSUSHITA, M., AND OHGURO, T. 2004. Lumisight Table: Interactive View-Dependent Display-Table Surrounded by Multiple Users. In SIGGRAPH 2004 Emerging Technologies, ACM.

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©Yasuaki Kakehi and Takeshi Naemura


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