“The Glenn Gould Profile”

  • ©Garry Beirne, B.W. Powe, Ghyslaine Guertin, Henry See, Michael Century, Louise Guay, Jacinthe Roy, Craig Hubley, and Konrad Skreta




    The Glenn Gould Profile

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    A research project on art criticism in hypermedia is presented. The subject of the hypertext is Glenn Gould. Two essays were commissioned, one in English by B.W. Powe, the other in French by Ghyslaine Guertin. The essays connect to archives of text, images, video, music and sound effects, stored on CD-A and video discs; archives were selected to establish the cultural context in which to place Gould.

    The authors have chosen two distinct models of navigation. Powe’s essay uses the author’s original essay as a navigation device. Jumping-off points are provided from the essay to seven cultural fields containing writings of Gould and secondary sources, grouped into higher 1evel semantic categories. Guertin’s essay incorporates her research into Gould’s correspondence, and uses an interesting variation of the “file card” metaphor.

    The Glenn Gould Profile demonstrates the successful application of hypertext as a vehicle of artistic expression.

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    The Banff Center
    YYIATS Productions

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