“The Electronic Sketch Book of Tibetan Thangka Painting”

  • ©Ranjit Makkuni, Axel Kramer, Terese Bartholomew, Molly Schardt, Richard Kohn, Rand Castile, Tai Situpa XII, and Pema Wangyal



    The Electronic Sketch Book of Tibetan Thangka Painting

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    The electronic sketch book of Tibetan Thangka painting project is conceived as a way of using interactive video and computing technology to preserve and disseminate the craft of Tibetan Thangka painting a 2000 year old art form now threatened with deterioration. Though visually expressive, Thangka painting is governed by precise rules of composition that have been passed down, master to pupil, through proportioning diagrams, canonical treatises and verse. The sketch book consists of an audio-visual database of Thangka imagery that includes diverse views of compositional process, and a user interface for navigating the database. This database includes video records of finished Thangka paintings, compositional techniques, sample sketches, catalogues of painting elements, curatorial analyses, and scenes of Tibetan cultural life. The sketch book’s interface permits novice students to explore the database at their own pace, through direct manipulation with diagrams and images of Thangka paintings.

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