“Hypermedia at the Visible Language Workshop, MIT Media Lab”

  • ©David Small, Laura Robin, Michelle Fineblum, and Bob Sabiston




    Hypermedia at the Visible Language Workshop, MIT Media Lab

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    Current hypermedia systems emulate traditional graphic and typographic values in electronic documents, using metaphors derived from conventional activities. At the Visible Language Workshop, we assume first, the technology to support the convergence of all traditional communication media; second, the need for intelligent graphics to support the “firehose” of data (organize and filter); and third, the need for new metaphors and vocabulary based on the characteristics of a unique new communication medium.

    Our research is conducted within a rich interactive multimedia testbed developed at the VLW by its graduate students over the past several years. This visualization environment integrated High-resolution real-time static and dynamic editors and tools for typography (dynamic anti-aliasing; tools for the fast- filtering of fonts), graphics (high-resolution 2D and 3D animated illustrations; a full-color, pressure-controllable sketch system; physical simulations), browsing and scripting (object-based tools for browsing, scripting, and navigating multimedia dataspaces), and user-interaction (MIDI-controllable sound resources; pressure-sensitive input).

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