“tangible workbench “TW” – with changeable markers” by Kienzl, Marsche, Kapeller and Gokcezade

  • ©Thomas Kienzl, Ulf Marsche, Nadja Kapeller, and Adam Gokcezade

  • ©Thomas Kienzl, Ulf Marsche, Nadja Kapeller, and Adam Gokcezade


Entry Number: 38


    tangible workbench "TW" – with changeable markers



    Changeable markers afford completely new possibilities of interaction on a tangible user interface.

    The heart of the solution are changeable markers, which enable new, complex possibilities of interaction design, which upgrades a TUI from a classic presentation tool to a work tool.

    Applications on the TW become of interest to non-users and professionals due to the mix of intuitive and exact work. Thus, an interface is developed between designers/customers, managers and experts.

    This tool can be used in virtual factory planning, the planning of infrastructure projects and as a product configurator.

    A conventional TUI allows for 3 degrees of freedom (x/y, rotation and z). The appearance of the marker is changed by manipulating (pushing, rotating etc.) a controller object, and this creates additional levels of interaction. The design of the controller objects is based on normal everyday tools, such as an eraser, a button, pliers, a tool bar etc.

    The set up consists of a table (frosted glass tabletop with a projector and camera underneath), a separate monitor with realtime 3D application and the controller objects.

    A demo application awaits visitors, which allows them to construct a completely furnished flat.


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