“Suirin” by Tokuhisa and Inakage

  • ©Satoru Tokuhisa and Masa Inakage



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    Suirin (the content name comes from an ancient Japanese ball-shaped artifact called “ukidama” that is made of glass) is an interactive artwork of light and sound. The source of sound and light is derived from the space inside the ukidama which is expanded by a digital filter. Users can interact with Suirin by touching and fumbling the water in the container. Through this interaction, the ukidama in the container spins out sound which is then sampled and processed, and finally let out to real space through surround speakers. The sound itself sounds like an insect’s chirping, which in the Japanese culture represents a pleasing and comfortable sound – a “sound scenery”. In addition, from the fog that simmers out of the container with sound and light, a first-hand experience of a magical real space is made possible through the content of Suirin.

    An everyday use of Suirin, for instance, by placing it in the living room at home, a person who comes home worn out by work can simply reaches out to Suirin, and be relieved of pressure and healed by its soothing sound and lighting.

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    This project is granted by CREST , JST.


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