“Tenori-On” by Nishibori and Iwai

  • ©Yu Nishibori and Toshio Iwai


Entry Number: 23




Project Affiliation:

    YAMAHA, Advanced System Development Center


    Tenori-On is made from the system that enables someone to create music visibly with some unique process, as pushing the buttons. Those buttons are the switches to generate sounds, which are scanned from left to right in a loop. It is also possible to make some figures as triangle and rectangular by pushing switches. You can turn around the figures clockwise or counterclockwise to change the timing to generate sound.

    Below are the main features of Tenori-On:

    (1) Interface which anybody can play easily

    – When you push the switch, it emits the light, and it becomes the point to generate the sound.

    (2) Create Music with the various kinds of loops

    – When the scan bar moves one by one from left to right, it generates the sound at the point where the switches are pushed, and it loops.

    – Making some figures as triangle and rectangular by pushing switches, the light runs on the line of the figure and when it comes to the vertex, it generates the sound.

    (3) Session with another machine

    – When you connect your machine to another one, it synchronizes with another machine and it is possible to play the session with another person. It will become an experience you can never enjoy when playing by yourself.


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