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    SIGKids Competition



    The SIGKids venue will showcase winners of a juried competion in a variety of categories designed to promote the goals listed above. Entries can be computer programs, web sites, lab setups, videos, or other media which inform the process using graphics and/or interactivity in education.

    Here is a tentative list of categories:

    • Jury’s Choice
    • Best Interdisciplinary Project
    • Best Community Collaboration
    • Best Use of Multiple Senses
    • Best Spanish Language
    • Best Multilingual and/or Omnilingual

    Awards will be given in each category to non-profit and for-profit institutions, and also to individual classrooms and students.

    The final list of categories will be determined by the SIGKids advisory committee.

    We will offer educational grant “prizes” to the non-profit winners, ranging from $500.00 to $1000.00, free publicity to for-profit winners, a “pizza party” and a SIGGRAPH speaker for classrooms, and cash prizes of $50.00 to $100.00 for individual students.

    About twice as many runners up as winners will also be recognized.

    Winners will be announced in advance of the 2003 SIGGRAPH conference, on the SIGKids web site and in press releases. Winning and runner up projects will be given space in the SIGKids venue to display their results, and to allow kids to experience them.

    In addition, in the event of a project produced by a jury member or one of their direct associates, the jury will reserve a special status of Display Project to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest; these projects will not be eligible for prizes and grants but will have “runner up” status, and will be given space in the venue.

Other Information:

    Submission Form


    Nonprofit organizations, schools, and individuals are eligible for the cash awards of $500 (special categories) and $1000 (best of show) presented by the SIGKIDS Jury. See the SIGKIDS San Diego 2003 Proposal for more information.

    For-profit corporations are eligible for attractive award ribbons presented by the SIGKIDS Project Committee, and may promote and publicize their awards in any way they see fit.

    All award winners will be on display at the SIGKIDS venue.

    Family and co-workers of the SIGKIDS Project Committee are not eligible for awards, but may submit “Demostration Projects” which may also be selected for display at the SIGKIDS venue.


    You may submit the form by email or “snail mail.” In either case it must be received by Wed. 30 April 2003. If the submission is a video, or computer software, we will need to receive a copy by the deadline. If it is a web site, you can just send us the URL. If it is an installation, a detailed description will be sufficient; photos will help.

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