“Competition for the best Spanish-language 3D software and videos” by Scrivener

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    Competition for the best Spanish-language 3D software and videos



    As the largest city in the United States near the border with Mexico, we are perhaps more aware of some of the opportunities as well as problems associated with the interface of our two cultures. We know that bilingual is bicultural.

    For example, few outside of San Diego may be aware that Tijuana has a thriving underground digital music and art scene.

    Another example: many studies of the differences in Anglo and Hispanic culture have noted the contrast of the Anglo street and the Hispanic plaza. Here in San Diego the “Old Town” — the oldest settlement in Alta California — was laid out in the plaza plan dictated by Spain’s King Phillip, and huddled close to the Presidio for military protection from both hostile Europeans and Native Americans. When Alonzo F. Horton laid out the “New Town” on 4th Avenue (our current “Gaslamp Quarter”) he created commercial a street with warehouses and stores, and a wharf on one end. Even today when the Children’s Television Workshop produces a Spanish language version of “Sesame Street,” they call it “Plaza Sesamo.”

    For these reasons we recommend that any bilingual displays be laid out as a Plaza instead of a Street.

    We would like to have, in the SIGKids venue, the results of a competition for the best Spanish-language 3D software and videos, selected by a local bilingual jury, staffed with bilingual personnel.

    We expect that this competition will receive wide international coverage on the Spanish-language TV networks: Telemundo, Gems, TVA, etc., as well as local coverage.

    To accomplish the above, we will have:

    • prizes for these two categories,
    • a bilingual jury of three for the Spanish competition
    • a combined jury of 9 (6 main + 3 bilingual) for the omnilingual competition
    • publicity materials and press releases in Spanish,
    • bilingual docents

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