“Remote Furniture: Interactive Art Installation for Public Space” by Fujimura

  • ©Noriyuki Fujimura


Entry Number: 22


    Remote Furniture: Interactive Art Installation for Public Space



    Overview and Concept

    In this interactive public art project, two computer-controlled rocking chairs are installed on the floor facing each other. When two people sit in the chairs and rock, the chairs create an experience of communication in direct and tactile touch.

    Remote Furniture was designed to create unexpected encounters between passersby in public spaces.

    Unlike Western cultures, people in Japan do not usually talk to people they meet in public spaces such as plazas or major streets. Although there are many public spaces in Japan, many built in postwar styles, Japanese do not have a tradition of actively using these spaces. We are still trying to adapt traditional attitudes toward space to those ”imported” from other cultures.


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